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Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Part Numbers Superseded Parts
OTHER 68100715AE 68100380AC, 68100380AD, 68100386AE, 68100386AF, 68100386AG, 68100390AC, 68100390AD, 68100390AE, 68100391AC, 68100391AD, 68100391AE, 68100394AC, 68100394AD, 68100394AE, 68100394AF, 68100394AG, 68100396AC, 68100396AD, 68100396AE, 68100396AG, 68100396AH, 68100396AI, 68100418AC, 68100418AD, 68100418AE, 68100419AD, 68100419AE, 68100715AC, 68100715AD, 68188768AB

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